Cheating is defined as

With the perspective of academic writing cheating is often understood as “To portray someone else’s work as mine” or to score or achieve an academic benefit on grounds or knowledge of others instead of the beneficiary’s own.

How is academic help not cheating?

On the basis of the explanation of the term cheating as provided above what we do does not come under the tag or label of cheating. We never allow any participant, user or customer of our services to submit our provided research in its original form as we submit or deliver. We only provide basic research facilities to the needy ones who are stuck at some point of writing their work. A student who seeks help from us is very well aware of his university requirements and the academic work details. It is the student who provides all the guidelines of the work in terms of word count, area of research, references, study material etc. In this situation the student seems to have a hold of solid knowledge of his work.

The reason for a student to acquire our assistance, even after he has a full hand of knowledge of his work, can vary differently. Some of our customers need our help because they are in a medical condition that doesn’t allow them to spend time in front of the laptops or computers. Some are not aware of basic English writing trends or may be weak in grammar etc.

Our help is not confined to full custom written document. We also help students improve their work who have remarks of improvement from their tutors. We also provide editing and proofreading facilities to students whose English grammar and punctuation are not sufficient enough for a correct piece of paper.

We never commit to any unethical academic task.

Our aim is to enable students to write their papers on their own. We want the students to attain their lost academic potential so that they can be self-sufficient in terms of writing their academic work on their own. For this purpose our writer stays in contact with the customer right after the order is placed and keep on guiding the student through online discussions. We highly negate every kind of online fraud or illegitimate operation of all kinds. We adhere and abide with the academic ethical code of commonwealth education.

Who makes the benefit out of this?

The process involved three parties i.e. the student, the service and the tutor. We, the service, operate as the third party or lets say a broker that helps the two meet that would be the student and the online expert tutor. We make sure that the two are suitable to each other and can best exchange the needful benefits with their mutual consent. The entire process aims to benefit the student who happens to be the customer of our services.

On the other hand this student pays the services for its academic assistance provided as per the instructions. The money is not solely used or taken as profit by the services as the tutor is the main provider of the academic guidance. Therefore most of the fiscal benefit is enjoyed by these qualified professional writers and whatever we get is a small percentage of the total sum of the money paid.

The benefit is both academic and fiscal and intangible values are higher than tangible and material values. Therefore we are proud to say that the real beneficiary of this service is the student who gets a valued resource, guidance and assistance that grooms and enhances a student’s ability at all levels.

What is the working procedure of the writers?

Your written instructions on the order form are seen on the writers’ portal and several qualified professionals who are relevant to your area of research are allowed to apply for the order. The quality assurance department allocated the best suitable writer to complete your work and that specific expert immediately establishes a contact with you, discusses the order requirements to reassure and clarify. You are shown the progress of work every now and then while if you request for a change at any point we instantly get that done. On final submission if there are any feedback from your tutor we fully respond to that.

How does it kick start?

No matter if you have a high school, college or a university level academic assignment due to submit and you are craving to complete it timely but you are fully out of relevant resources to do the needful. A helpful hand in such a time of crucial need can resolve the problem for you. We are that helpful hand that has credible and capable writers to suit your needs and complete it within the shortest time of a few hours only. We have standby writers working in shifts to meet the needs of a customer with the shortest deadline.

Use our customer support and send us a query about your need. Our friendly and compatible customer services representatives will contact you asap. You can also get live assistance from our online chat support department.