Strategic Privacy Policy.

Providing cent percent safeguard to every student’s privacy and confidentiality is our foremost goal. An privacy expert team of officials make sure that all the operations are run keeping the ethical privacy code as the fundamental rule.

Personal Information:

We do not maintain our database with your records at any level. On the completion of every order the customer’s details and other preferences are immediately deleted.The ownership of the paper is solely under customer’s name and the writer has no right over it whatsoever. For advertising or leads generating purposes none of your information is shared with anyone at all.Your phone number and email address is not shared with anyone for any reasons.

Google Analytics:

Our expert SEO officials use this tool to review the traffic flow on our websites. There is no doubt that the tool is fully safe and not harmful at all in regards to your privacy.

Payment Card Industry Regulations:

We are bound to comply with PCI compliance and regulations of federal trade law for online businesses. We are never using any kind of card or payment method information of a customer. We do not even have the access to view your card or payment details except for the amount and payment received confirmation.We have an entire department working for the sole purpose of resisting any sort of fraudulent transaction etc.

None of our staff representatives at any point will ask you to provide you credit or debit card details. We also make sure that the payment processors never send a copy of your payment details to any of our email addresses.

No one has the access to view your sensitive details as those fields and integrated systems are full proof to act against any sort of theft or illegal activity.


On turning off your cookies some content on our website may not be view able for you and thus we recommend keeping your cookies turned on as the information collected in such case is not at all your sensitive information.