Transparent Refund Policy.

Our number of satisfied clients covers more than 98% of our total order volume and only a few are unfortunately the ones who require a full refund and we are always ready to return and reimburse their hard earned money if claimed on valid grounds. We never neglect or underestimate the needs of our esteemed customers but still if at some point there is a task contrary to your demands and expectations then let us have a chance to revise or change it and once you lose all hope in us then only request for a refund. On your demand for a reimbursement we are bound to refund your money on several grounds. We are bound to refund you when:

  • 1. A deadline is missed and there is no chance for a possible extension or submission of the paper.
  • 2. You fail because of the paper our write wrote for you.
  • 3. The writer repeatedly fails to comply with your given and provided guidelines.
  • 4. After several revisions and amendments you are not satisfied.
  • 5. Our customer support or other staff mistreats you.

A Quality Assurance Department deals with all such cases and problems. The decisive authority in such cases is considered to be the Quality Assurance Officials.A refund request made within the time of 7 days after the order’s delivery will be considered valid.On reviewing the case thoroughly our quality assurance officials will recommend their version of decision.

*A refund will be equal to 90% of your amount paid as 10% of the amount shall be charged as services and other fee.