Necessary To Read Terms And Conditions

There is no moment of happiness other than the moment of seeing an interested student to get some help. Everyone who places an order with us is known and believed to understand and agree upon our terms and conditions of services. Thus we deem it necessary to openly discuss our terms and conditions with all of our esteemed customers so that they willingly and freely decide to either use our services or not.

• Submitting order details on our website will be a notion or sign that you have no contrary opinion to our terms and conditions of our services and you approve to fully abide with them. We as a website never support, recommend or second any type of fraudulent act either online or elsewhere.
• A delay in the delivery of your work will not be our mistake if;

i. Your response is not adequate or timely.
ii. In case the provision of the required and mentioned research material is not ensured timely.
iii. Delay in the payment.

• While we are ready to take all the responsibility of delay in your delivery when;

i. Our expert writer allocated to you doesn’t deliver the work in time.
ii. The instructions were not discussed with you to cross check.
iii. There is any other technical problem at our end.

• Due to uncontrollable factors we never pledge for an A grade result for our written papers. Despite the fact that our writers have produced writings for students that have got them won distinctions but we still never guarantee any such result. We only promise for a custom written high quality correct piece of academic work sufficient enough to get you a 60% of the total scores.

Zero Cost Revisions:

We are obligated to revise, amend or change the paper after final submission if the write up doesn’t meet the original order description that you made.

While in case your tutor remarks suggest that an enormous change should be brought that was never described in the initial order description provided by you then this will be catered as a new order and charges shall be applied according to the number of words and the time of urgency.

Conditional Refund Explained:

• Every refund claim shall be entertained and considered valid if raised within a time of 3 days after the order submission.
• You can only cancel an order before a writer is allocated to your job. Once we have a writer assigned to it there is no possible way to cancel your order.
• The Quality Assurance department handles and discusses every case with full responsibility.

Refunds shall not be processed or considered to be valid under the following circumstances.

1. If you do not pay right after you place the order and subsequently pay after a day or two, the deadline will have a relevant effect.We only start off the writing process under usual circumstances when the payment confirmation is received.
2. In your order details any material, that you mention as provided, is not attached or provided then a consequent delay will not be our responsibility. Such an order with distorted or incomplete details is never considered a complete order placed and until the writer has a clear picture of what is to be written we never start writing and as a consequence a delay is inevitable.

On approval of your refund from the Q.A department you shall be entitled to get 90% of all your money as 10% of the amount is deducted as fee and other charges.